About Hayden

Imagine a family of schools where students lead the learning for teachers, parents, administrators, trustees, and the community. The leaders at Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School are passionate about building our school community. In public education, we are a community of learners.  At Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School we believe we need to encourage and activate students’ voices so they demonstrate and refine our teaching-learning processes to meet their needs and interests and to enhance community engagement and improve student achievement.  As a newly formed school community in Alton, we will identify and honour all strengths within this school community and deepen all learners’ interests and successes. Ultimately, we will ensure our organizational structures support student learning as the first priority as we build this exciting new school community in Alton.

To help our students meet the challenges they face now and to prepare them for the future, our teaching leaders will use the most powerful asset we have - our student voice. Educating the whole child means interacting in this unpredictable world and nurturing all students accordingly while maintaining a structure to ensure accountability. Our learners will become active citizens who are healthy, safe and secure, engaged, supported, and academically challenged. In our newly-formed school community, we must develop an inclusive environment that embraces teaching-learning strategies, differentiated instruction, and technologies to reach every learner.

Our assessment practices need to frequently monitor student progress while emphasizing critical thinking within all pathways including university, college, apprenticeships, and workplace programs. Every student must be connected to meaningful learning in the classroom with caring relationships within our system and the broader community.

@ Hayden Secondary School, our school community is a place where everyone, including students, staff, parents and community partners can share their leadership skills and work together towards student success in a dynamic, caring and healthy school environment.  By empowering our students, we will build a sustainable, strong, collaborative school community.  We believe our students will have the energy, skills and drive to create a great learning experience for all.  At Hayden Secondary School, student-centred, student-led and student activism are not clichés, but the definition of our school culture.

One of the key initiatives we will implement to cultivate student leadership will be through the implementation of the Link Crew. This relationship-driven mentorship program allows students to establish a true sense of belonging while they explore learning in a variety of ways.  This process continues for the subsequent years with programs related to healthy developmental assets and the Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School leadership culture.  During the high school years, students are not only participating in a system of intentionally integrated clubs and activities, but also learning and developing important leadership skills.

As senior students, the process continues with our expectation that they will actively participate in the preparation of the next group of newcomers.  Hence, an active and engaging school community becomes self-sustaining as it thrives!  Our Hayden Secondary School culture is not just about clubs and programs.  Here, our students, staff and parents learn together to create and refine structures that allow for meaningful engagement both inside the classroom and beyond.

Integral to the structure is our common lunch.  Students recognize this as a valuable, daily opportunity to connect with all members of our school community. We feel passionately about this hour together to provide time to co-ordinate and plan for the myriad of activities and clubs as well as seek support for learning within our subject clinics with staff.  Our school goals, school portfolios, and focus on building developmental assets, drive our curricular and co-curricular offerings.

I CAN……………YOU CAN…………..WE CAN!!!!

              Best wishes for success and a great year at Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School!

 Nicholas Varricchio  Joanne Eliuk  Kate Diell
  Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal


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