Wellness at Hayden

At Hayden Secondary School, all students, parents, and staff feel included, empowered, and all have developed a strong sense of belonging in the Hayden School Community.  Our staff will continue to promote wellness for our students, parents, and each other by offering activities which will promote:

Intellectual Engagement                                       Mental Health                           Sense of Belonging                        Social Justice

Confidence – through Try it Activities                Common Lunch                        Healthy choices                              Engaged learning


Research has identified 40 assets which are critical to positive child and adolescent development.  Our school goals, school portfolios, and focus on building developmental assets, drive our curricular and co-curricular offerings. For more information on Developmental Assets, please click on the poster below to visit the Search Institute website. 

Fostering Positive Student Relationships

Hayden's plan to further foster positive student relationships can be found here.