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School Community

Hayden:  A School Community Campus

Hayden is a partner with the Alton Branch of the Burlington Public Library, and the City of Burlington.   Our school community campus is the hub of this neighbourhood as residents of all ages access our campus seven days a week.

We respond to their interests to build a strong sense of belonging especially for newcomers to Burlington.  Our school and community campus includes a 12,000 square foot library, three turf athletic fields, eight university-sized gyms, a skateboard park, theatre, and cafeteria. This translates to benefits to students as they access these services in our shared campus community daily.  

We believe this school community is the hub of the Alton neighbourhood and through our unique partnership, we develop assets in everyone.



Developmental Assets @ Hayden

Everyone can build assets. All kids need assets.  Relationships are key. Everyone has strengths.  

We need to work together.

@ Hayden, we are focusing on these top four asset building areas:

  1. Building meaningful relationships
  2. Student voice
  3. Boundaries & expectations
  4. Constructive use of time
  • Assets promote academic success and increase civic engagement.
  • The Developmental Assets are grounded in research on adolescent development, risk prevention and resiliency.

Developmental Assets is about:

  • Positive relationships
  • Being intentional
  • Strengths 
  • All kids
  • Everyone’s job   
  • Evidence and research
  • Comprehensive work
  • Consistency and repetition
  • Partnerships and cooperation
  • Ongoing work