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Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Brief Overview

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs help to engage students in their learning while allowing them to develop skills and have experiences that will enrich their high school experience.  

SHSM programs are available in all Halton high schools in a variety of sectors.  A full list of these programs can be found at HDSB's Pathways website. Each program supports all student pathways (Apprenticeship, College, University, Workplace).
Hayden Secondary School will be offering two SHSM programs:
  • Social Justice
  • Sports
Components of the SHSM program
  • Bundled credits: Each SHSM program offers students a bundle of 9-11 credits, which include:
    • four (4) "major" credits in the identified sector during gr. 11 and 12
    • two (2) or three (3) supporting credits in English, Math, or Science
  • Contextualized Learning Activities (CLA): CLAs are activities within supporting credit courses that make connections between the skills developed in that course and the SHSM sector that the student is interested in,
    • i.e. a student taking a SHSM Social Justice program completes an activity in English that connects skills developed in English to the sector of Social Justice
  • Certifications: Students complete sector-recognized certifications related to major courses and the SHSM sector (i.e. CPR/First Aid, WHMIS, Leadership training)
  • Experiential Learning/Ontario Skills Passport/Reach Ahead Experiences: allow students to explore potential career options and to develop workplace skills
    • two (2) co-op credits linked to major courses are required for all SHSM students
    • Field trips and other workplace experiences for students to explore careers in that sector
    • learning about Essential Skills and Work Habits that are valuable in the workplace

Specialist High Skills Major @ Hayden for February 2014

Social Justice Application
Are you interested in exploring local, national, and global issues?  Would you like to have a positive impact on your school and the local community? Would you you like to explore career opportunities in the field of Social Justice?  If you answered "Yes" to any, or all, of these questions, you could be an awesome candidate for the Social Justice SHSM program at Hayden!

Some of the Social Justice-related areas you could explore are:

1. Law/Policing
2. Native Studies
3. Politics
4. Sociology/Psychology

Please click on the icon above to complete the survey to indicate your interest, to learn about information sessions, and the application process!

Sports Application

Do you LOVE Sports? Would you like to include sports in more areas of your learning? If you could have a career connected to Sports, would you? If you answered "YES" to any or all of these questions then, GAME ON! Hayden's SHSM in Sport could be for you! 

We have proposed four key sport-related areas:

1. Performance: playing sport at a competitive level, coaching, refereeing, etc.;
2. Preparation & Treatment: athletic training & therapy, fitness, kinesiology, sport medicine, sport psychology, etc.;
3. Recreation & Support: recreation programs for adults & children, camps, leadership in sport, event coordinator, etc.;
4. Business & Media Entertainment in Sport: broadcasting of sport, management, marketing, finances, agents, etc.

Please click on the icon above to complete the survey to indicate your interest, to learn about information sessions, and the application process!