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The Hayden Advantage

One School Goal, One Focus - Student Engagement

We believe the academic success of our students requires them to be intellectually, socially, and emotionally engaged in their learning.  Building meaningful relationships with students and staff drives our learning, decision making, financial budgeting, time and energy.

Our data demonstrates that student engagement enhances student achievement, improves mental wellness, and creates a positive, inclusive learning environment.  A strong sense of belonging has created our #huskynation.

Student Voice

Student voice DRIVES learning at Hayden. Before opening our doors in September 2013, students helped to develop interview questions for teachers applying to work at Hayden; they influenced the Board to select their namesake, Dr Frank J Hayden; they selected the school colours, mascot, and furniture for their new school community which is based on flexible, adaptable, and non-traditional seating.  Students make decisions in collaboration with our staff in areas such as curriculum design, learning environments, assessments, celebrations, and community events.

We continually consult with students on key decisions including course curriculum, celebrations, school community projects, and events through focus groups and our weekly Howl Polls.  Students continue to build THEIR school, THEIR way.

Mentoring Mornings

During the school year, we provide a series of four mornings for students to try new activities with LINK Crew transitions.  These mentoring mornings  are designed for students and staff to build meaningful relationships outside the classroom while trying something new.  These activities allow a different forum for student engagement, risk taking, and developing assets.  Students make connections with peers and senior student leaders, and build positive relationships with staff. This is the very foundation of developmental assets and our school goal of building meaningful relationships with students and staff.

Hayden:  A Campus School Community

Hayden is a partner with the Alton Branch of the Burlington Public Library, and the City of Burlington.   Our school community campus is the hub of this neighbourhood as residents of all ages access our campus seven days a week.

We respond to their interests to build a strong sense of belonging especially for newcomers to Burlington.  Our school and community campus includes a 12,000 square foot library, three turf athletic fields, eight university-sized gyms, a skateboard park, theatre, and cafeteria. This translates to benefits to students as they access these services in our shared campus community daily.  

We believe this school community is the hub of the Alton neighbourhood and through our unique partnership, we develop assets in everyone.