School Cash Online

The schools preferred method of payment is School Cash Online.  Check out School Cash Online's new features at or login to the School Cash Online website at​​.​

We have recently added three new features in School Cash Online:

1) Parent Video – check out our School Cash Online promotional video for parents.

2) Make a Donation – when you are in School Cash Online making purchases, you can also add a donation to the Board or school by clicking the Make a Donation box.  Follow the simple on-screen instructions and an official donation receipt for tax purposes will be emailed upon checkout.

3) MyWallet – thank you to parents for your feedback on the MyWallet.  You are now able to add up to $500 to your MyWallet account per transaction or up to $1,000 in total.  MyWallet is a handy feature for parents/guardians who like to budget for the school year in advance.  Once your MyWallet is loaded, there is no need to re-enter your banking or credit card information for subsequent purchases so long as you have a sufficient balance.  Loading a balance to MyWallet is also handy to for parents/guardians looking to avoid transaction fees from their financial institution on individual purchases.