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Hayden Minutes - 3rd Meeting - February 5th, 2015

Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School
School Council Advisory 
Minutes of 3rd Meeting – February 5, 2015, Alton Library 

The regular advisory council 3rd meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7 pm and a quorum was present.

Chair:                  Ahmed Hafez Ibrahim
Secretary:            Andrea Murray
Presents:             Sue Caya, Shazia Syed, Kim Biggar, Rene Preotu, Hassan Rasul, Mary Grace Silvestri, Claire Ross, Lara Hussein and Lisa                               Crapsi (City of Burlington)
School Rep:         Jacqueline Newton, Michelle Lemaire, Sue Lamarre, Sue Graham and Jamie Meyer
Special Guests:    Councilor Blair Lancaster
                           Trustee Andrea Grebenc

The Chair welcomed Councilor Lancaster, Trustee Grebenc and all attendees and community members.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Councilor Blair Lancaster (Ward 6):
  • Highlighted the students’ involvement in art project in conjunction with the city and the collaboration that the students have had with the community. 
  • Snow less than 24cm will be cleared in 24 hours, question should we increase the service? Didn’t plow pathways to the school right away as not considered sidewalks having discussions as to what are the priorities to clear. 
  • Best way to contact Blair is via email: for any inquiries. Defer some inquiries to city website as lots of services and information available on line. 
Trustee Andrea Grebenc:
  • Role as Trustee is to focus on policy issues. Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent are first in line resources. Goal is to help our school get what they need. 
  • Implementing Super-Council of schools in our community to share views and ideas with Ward 3 and 6 and to talk about similar issues, share best practices. 
  • Talked about grants and how to take on shared initiatives. 
  • You can reach Andrea on:
Principal Report: Jacqueline Newton -

  • Our student members send regrets due to other school activities. 
  • Statistics: Report for school how we are doing as a school. 99.6% of Grade 9 students passed their credits only 6 credits lost. Transitioning well into high school. 99.2% Grade 10, 98.1% in Grade 11. Only 39 credits were not successfully obtained in the whole school. 
  • Attendance rates are good with very few have missed more than 3 classes and exceptions were legitimate reasons. Low truancy rates. Strong social and intellectual engagement. 
  • HOWL poll, favourite memories from semester one. Tell them from me will start in a few weeks. Outdoor Ed program at Bronte Creek. 
  • WHEN Summit was a success. 
  • Students: Inside ride will be in May teams of staff or students feel good activity. Gyms are all re-opened. Hosting 20 team senior girls’ volleyball tournament as far away as Ottawa. 2016 hosting OFSAA for the province. 
  • Bur Bear win huge successes, senior boys hockey won division tournament. Swim team going to GHAC and OFSAA as well as ski team. Almost all teams advancing to playoffs. 
  • Arts: Sears Festival will be hosted here, ramping up, music festival in Ancaster, starting choir, photography club and competition. 
  • PD Day don’t have any student teachers invited from around the Board to come and observe our 21st century learning, 40 registrants 60 teachers how tech is being used how to flip classrooms, student voice. Speaker was Scott Stratton talked about marketing and Branding. What should be what comes to mind when you see the name or logo. Session based on curriculum, using technology i.e. Google classrooms, leaving classrooms to students. 
  • AP Grade 12 two ways to offer, additional unit all AP exams are in May, $80 exams. 6 highest marks or specialty programs. IB designed for military students as it is world wide. Will engage students if they would like to as a school offer AP courses. AP curriculum is very rigid for English. IB offered at Bateman. Example of Rock Band, Spanish. 
  • Asking if students would like to take boot-camp at 7:30am credit correlation between learning. 
  • Expectation that we will have common lunch. 2 periods then lunch then 2 periods. Only social or club time will be at lunch. Works for staff and students as a healthy break. Expectation that next year we will have portables.
  • Try not to be e-blasting as they have not wanted to overwhelm parents.
  • Parents are encouraged to use the Huskies mobile app and twitter account to follow up events and activities of the school.
  • Start planning for scholarships and next year graduation event. All ideas from parents are welcome.

Teachers’ Report:

  • Sue Graham, Admin Assistant in the Guidance office spoke about course selection on Feb 9-20 which will drive staffing for next year.  Students are excited but can be anxious as well.  Session for parent engagement was about course selection last month.  Counselors are available and under support services on the website with link to course selection and course description along with Post Secondary pathway.  Students use “my blueprint” to plan backwards and forward (9-12 and 12-9).  Take the time to sit with students.  Changes have to be endorsed by a parent.  First semester that we are offering co-op for grade 11 students.  Gathering scholarships and making pitches to local charities etc…Video for teachers to show on Monday and Counselors will be going into classrooms next week.  Website for all scholarships available globally works for college trade and university pathways.  Counselors are well informed of what needs to be done to apply to US schools SAT, mock exams.

PIC Updates:

  • ·      PIC has 3 members from Hayden. Every school board work to create parent engagement, refer to website for support and information.  Package put together by board, chapter out of resource and presentation will be available online. Helps to support student achievement.  Information will be sent out on each unit.  Parent engagement mornings; suggestion to offer evening sessions as well.

City of Burlington Updates:

  • Lisa City of Burlington staff attended the meeting and shared City’s activities with the Council for more Youth Outreach and the Youth driven initiative.  Mountainside has been renovated, in Mount Forest.  Friday night free for youth grade 6 and up, free skate, youth committee and advisory to work with community to talk about what they would like to do on a Friday night.  Sponsorship.  Youth want to see bands, identify volunteer opportunities.  Create youth drop in nights at recreation centres.  Workshops for parents to get involved Monday to Friday 3pm open gyms and drop in extreme hangout.  Initiative to create more youth friendly spaces.  City wants students and kids in their spaces.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 16th, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m. in the Alton Library Seminar room.

The last meeting for 2015 school year is May 14th, 2015

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Chair:                                                                             Secretary:

Ahmed Hafez Ibrahim                                                         Andrea Murray