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February 25, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

This week, the Ontario Ministry of Education, announced its new Health and Physical Education curriculum replacing the curriculum document of 1998. This revised curriculum reflects health, safety and well-being realities faced by students today,  including easily accessed information found online, the widespread use of social media and smartphones.

It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education to create curriculum and set curriculum expectations.  Local school boards share the responsibility to implement the new curriculum and work to develop instructional strategies for the attainment of curriculum outcomes. 

Details of the Ministry’s Health and Physical Education curriculum can be found online at:

Elementary curriculum -

Secondary curriculum -

The curriculum documents address important current societal issues for students including: promoting positive healthy development and relationships, cyber-bulling, sexting, substance abuse, homophobia, etc.  These are critical issues that will help protect students and promote good citizenship. 

With the release of the provincial Health and Physical Education curriculum, the Board now turns its attention to preparing teachers to deliver this curriculum. Teacher in-service training sessions will be planned, Ministry of Education resources shared, and further resources developed. 

We understand some of the curriculum contains sensitive content and will require thoughtful delivery and parental support.  Recognizing this, the Ministry of Education has developed a series of resources (below) for parents to provide information and ideas for supporting learning at home.  

David Euale
Director of Education                                               


Additional Resources for Parents:

·         A Parent Guide to the Revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum, Grades 1-12

·         A Parent Guide: Learn More About Human Development and Sexual Health in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, Grades 7-12

·         Quick Facts for Parents: Online Safety, Including Risk ofSexting

·         Quick Facts for Parents: Healthy Relationships and Consent

·         Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education

·         Achieving Excellence: Ontario’s Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario