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IDC-Building Financial Security

What you will learn:

How financial markets work, how to budget for life beyond secondary school, how student loans work, the costs and benefits of borrowing money, how investments can make and lose money, the benefits of saving for life's stages, where money came from and how it has shaped our society (and other cool things like what cryptocurrency is, why do we care and can we buy lunch with it?).

Basically, financial literacy, or FinLit as we like to call it.

If you want the official course description, here it is:

This course investigates financial management, capital markets, and ways in which capital is acquired. Students will use diverse information skills, resources and technologies to gather information related to a variety of Canadian and International financial institutions, investigate the conceptual and mathematical foundations of increasing net worth, and examine investment in the financial markets. The risks and safeguards in investing in various financial instruments, the effective use of financial portfolios and alternative investment strategies will be studied. Importantly, students will analyze the social impact of personal and corporate investment decisions and will learn to solve problems through theoretical investigation, systems thinking approaches, and case studies.

*This course counts as one credit toward the Business Certificate.