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Co-operative Education

WELCOME TO CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION!                                       
Co-op allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement out in the community. The integrated co-op course connects prior learning/courses and related work experience.  These experiences allow our students to further explore their passions and allow our community partners to pass on their expertise and passion!


The Co-operative Education course is available to Grade 11 and 12 students. Students  select COP3O8 (Grade 11) and/or COP4O8 (Grade 12).

Co-op students will earn 2 credits upon completion of the co-op course as part of either a morning (periods 1/2) or, an afternoon (periods 4/5) co-op class.  

The Co-operative Education course begins with 2 - 3 weeks of pre-placement course work, after which students begin work out in the community in their individual work placements daily (am or pm). Approximately every 3 weeks, students return to Hayden for an in-school session to further connect their placement learning with co-op course curriculum.  The co-op course consists of a combination of work placement learning time/hours in addition to in-school course work for a total of 220 hours of study.



Students benefit from the opportunity to apply their academic learning from their courses at Hayden to a “real world” setting in a work environment, while earning secondary school credits.

Students have the opportunity to try out a potential career that they are interested in. Employers benefit by connecting with their community and having the opportunity SHSM Student Summer Internship Program to work/train potential future employees through a learning partnership with Hayden Secondary School & the Halton District School Board.

Halton District School Board acts as the employer of record for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage.  While on placement, students act in a capacity similar to that of an employee to learn about what a future in that field/industry is like.  Co-op students are supervised by both the workplace supervisor and their co-op teacher.   

Getting started in Co-op:

Once a student has selected the co-operative education course, they are invited complete the Hayden Co-Op Student Profile Google Form which provides additional information to begin identifying Co-op work placements in a work sector of interest. Students need to consider the work placement field/industry they would like to be explore, as well as, the location and their transportation options to get there.