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Music Co Curriculars


Grade 9 Instrumental Music   AMU101   

Grade 10 Instrumental Music AMU201  

Grade 11  Instrumental Music

Grade 11 Rock Ensemble Music AME301  

Grade 12 Instrumental Music

Grade 12 Rock Ensemble Music AME401  


 Welcome Hayden Musicians    
Follow us on Twitter @Jaggermusic  @FBarryMusic
REMIND 101:  613-707-4995
@HaydenWE   @HaydenJazz   @HaydenCB  @DFHChicago

Rehearsals start at 7:45 am!
Tuesday April 25 7:00 pm
$2.00 at the door
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Chicago; Festival of Music
Thurs April 20- Sat April 22, 2017

Halton Music Showcase
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Hamilton Place
7:30 pm  $15 tickets (cashless available until March 31)
Busing schedule Bus #W7 Pick up from Hayden at 9:00am
Arrive Hamilton Place at 10:00 am
Leave Hamilton Place at 12:15 pm
Senior Winds stay all day until after concert 9:30pm


Wednesday Feb 16, 2017 Redeemer College
Jazz Band 10:00 am
Concert Band 12:00pm
Wind Ensemble 3:00pm
Field Trip Form 
we leave at 8:45am- home by 6:-0pm
Congratulations on an amazing night! Pizza party was fun too!


Hayden Concert Band ( Grade 9 students) Rehearsal: Monday and Thursday mornings
Sign up sheets will be on the music windows during  the first week of school. It is strongly recommended that those students taking music courses sign up. If you are not taking a music course this year you MAY join. In fact, we encourage you to!

Hayden Senior Wind Ensemble (  Grades 10-12)  Rehearsal: Tuesday and Friday morning
Senior student will be performing more challenging music. Students are encouraged to be a committed member of this ensemble and will perform in the Musicfest Competitions.

Hayden Jazz Band ( AUDITIONED group for seats, Grade 9-12 ) Rehearsal: Thursday after school 3:00- 4:30 pm
Sign up sheets will be on the music windows during the first week of school. Bring in a piece of music you have already played. You will sight read a few bars and will be asked if you improvise.
Auditions required due to the few chairs available in a jazz band. 
( altos, tenors, 1 baritone sax, trombone, trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, drums) clarinets may join but, not for competition

Hayden A capella Singers ( All student, Grades 9- 12)  Rehearsals Wednesday at lunch 

Hayden Small Ensembles ( All students, Grade 9- 12Rehearsals: Whenever you make them!
Many times musicians just gotta perform. Gather a group of friends together to create a flute choir, Dixieland Band, Guitar group, Coffee house groups
Ask your friendly music teacher to help you find music and a place to perform.

Formal Concert Dates; Holiday Spectacular- December 
                                            Musicfest Competition -February
                                            Spring Concert- April
                                            Musicfest National- May 

Pics from 2015 Spring Concert 

Hayden Music