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Hayden Badminton Team and Club

  • Badminton Club --> Important Meeting Thursday, November 2nd at 11:20am in Room 211
To participate in the club (starts Nov. 2017) students must bring a completed PERMISSION FORM from the Hayden Athletics site 

To tryout for the team (Feb. 2018) students  must bring a separate PERMISSION FORM from the Hayden Athletics site 

Here is the Team Letter from last year. It will be updated in Feb. 2018. 
Once the team is determined, members must also submit the Transportation Form from the Athletics site.

  • Badminton Team --> Sign-up for the team (available Feb. 2018)
  • Badminton Team --> First Tryout/Practice TBD
  • Badminton Team --> Tuesdays/Thursdays after school (3:10pm to 4:30pm) beginning. Feb. 2018 
  • Badminton Club   --> Fridays after school (3:10pm to 4:30pm) beginning Fall 2017



The Hayden Badminton Club will start up sometime in the Fall season.  Please listen to the announcements, or follow the Hayden Huskies Twitter account to find out more.  Check back here periodically as well for other news.

Our club meets every FRIDAY after school, and is open to ANYONE who wants to play!  Make sure you bring in a signed permission form the first time you come.  See above!

Whether you're a badminton pro, or just a beginner, the Huskies Badminton Club welcomes ALL levels of players to come out and hit the bird around!  It is FREE to play, and there are NO RESTRICTIONS for playing if you play on other sport teams.

If you are interested in dropping in, you must first fill out an athletic permission form (this must be done even if you have already submitted one for a different sport).  Once this has been handed in, you can come and play once a week, once a month, or however often you'd like!  Invite your friends to play too, or join a ladder.

Please speak with Mr. Skeoch (, Room 320) or Mr. Mamo (, Room 217) if you have any questions or need to submit your athletic form.

Club Rules:
- No permission form, no play.  Period.
- Proper gym attire is required.  No jeans or street shoes.
- Wearing goggles are mandatory at all times on the court, including warm-ups and practice.  Failure to adhere to this rule may result in removal from the club.  Goggles are available to borrow, but it is recommended that you bring your own.
- Racquets are provided by the school, but you may also bring your own.
- All levels of play are welcome, and encouraged to come.  Staff are also invited to come and play!

Badminton practices will be on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS after school starting in February.  All athletes are welcome!  You must bring a signed permission form on the first day you come to play (even if you have already submitted one for any other club or sport, including the badminton club).

NOTE: If you play on a Winter team, or plan on playing on a Spring team, YOU CAN STILL PLAY ON THE BADMINTON TEAM!!! 

Coaches: Mr. Skeoch, Mr. Mamo, Mr. Malarczuk, Mr. O'Rourke, Ms. Deakin

Want to play badminton outside of school hours?  Hayden and the Haber Recreation Centre host the Burlington Badminton Junior and Adult clubs.  Please check our their flyer and see if you are interested in signing up.  *This is a separate club from Hayden's school club and teams, and is in no way affiliated with Hayden school (although there are Hayden students in the club!)