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What is Your SPARK?

What is a Spark?

  • A small burning light

  • A trace of light or energy

  • A flash of light

  • Something that makes you feel excited

What is your Spark?

Your SPARK is a metaphor for what you are really passionate about.  What activities bring you joy?  A “SPARK”  can be anything you love. Most people have more than one spark and to help you discover your spark, think about those things you loved as a child (ask an adult who knew you as a child what you loved if you can’t remember).  Some sparks are about doing physical things: playing a sport, working with technology, creating art  and some are about ideas: a love for the environment or for your family.

Popular “Clusters” of SPARKS - which does yours fit into?

  • Doing art, music or writing

  • Building or making things, or taking things apart

  • Playing sports, dancing, martial arts

  • Helping people or the environment

  • Being outside in nature or taking care of animals

  • Using computers
  • Spirituality and Philosophy
  • Thinking of ways to start a business or make money 
  • Travelling and Seeing New Places
  • Learning, reading, practicing

  • Teaching other people how to do things

  • Leadership (being captain of a team, leading a group)

Your Mission:

Create a media product that explores one or more of your SPARKS.  This visual presentation can be anything you can upload to our Hayden SPARKS community and can be a video, slideshow, prezi or any other web based presentation software (e.g. sliderocket or PowToon).

How to Access the SPARKS community

  1. Your teacher will show you how to find the SPARKS community.

  2. Once you find it, click on the button “Ask to join the community”

  3. Once your Link Leader has accepted your invitation, you have access to the entire community and can upload your SPARK project.

  4. Upload your SPARK project as a status update.

  5. You want to add two things in your status update text box.  The first is simply: “This is my SPARK”.  The second is the “cluster” of SPARKS yours belong to. e.g. “My SPARK is belongs to the being outside or taking care of animals cluster”.

  6. Now that you have uploaded your project - explore - see what else students at Hayden are doing. Comment on SPARKS projects you think are interesting or comment on people who share your SPARK.  Check on your friends!

A Google+ Guide:

New to Google+ or not sure about your SPARK yet? Here are some things to do on Google+ :

1. Create, edit and manage your Profile:

Once you have your Google+ account set up, the first thing you should do is fill out your user profile:


Bragging rights


Places lived

Basic Information


2. Create Circles

Google+ initially suggests friends based out of your Google Contacts. It also lets you find friends by importing address books from Yahoo!, Hotmail and from your desktop. Take some time to search and find your friends, Hayden staff, class members and add them to circles. You can even search for celebrities, and add them to the circle “Following”.

Circles allows us to drag-and-drop friends into different groups, which categorizes them. This allows you to put your mom in your "Family" circle, your teachers in your "Teachers" circle and a friend from another school in your "Friends" circle. You can create as many circles as you would like.

Why should you create circles in the first place? You want to share different things with different friends. You may want to share a silly photo with your close friends, but share a link about a recent news article with your acquaintances.