The Support Services Team works collaboratively to support all Hayden students and their individual pathway at secondary school.  
Hayden's Support Services Team includes: 
Guidance Counsellors:    
Tracey Forde          
Mike Butt              
Jenn Hernandez    
Adam Richards      
Brenna Veats        

Guidance Admin Assistant:
Sue Graham           
Special Education:
Tara McMinn          
Jenn Hernandez   
Simmi Kamboe    
Danielle Kennedy 
Mitch Kleer          
Mark Mamo         
Kelly Trdin           
Kathryn Wheeldon

Social Worker:  
Jen Bouskill       

Student Success Lead:  
Danielle Kennedy 

Co-operative Education
Farah Zaiyouna  
Linda Thompson 

Youth Settlement Worker
Uzma Kazi           

Nick Varricchio (P)        
Kate Diell     (VP)
Susan Gabriele (VP)
Zeffie Nicholas (VP)