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Community Hours

Community Involvement Hours/Activities

  • Students must complete 40 community involvement hours as one of the requirements for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The aim is to encourage students to become actively involved in making positive contributions to their community. Students may begin accumulating their 40 hours during the summer before they enter Grade 9.

    Confirmation of completed hours must be dropped off to the Guidance office.  Students are to submit a signed letter (on organization letterhead) that indicates their name, the date(s) and number of hours completed​ and a brief summary of their activities/volunteer contribution or download a form here.

    • Finding opportunities in our Community.
    Volunteer Halton is an excellent resource for volunteer opportunities. Students can access these opportunities in three ways:
    • 1. Download the Volunteer Halton app
    • 2. Refer to the Volunteer Halton board in the Guidance office at Hayden
    • 3. Click the icon below to view the Volunteer Halton website.

    Eligible Community Involvement activities are ones that:

    • are of benefit to the community

    • may support a non-for-profit agency, institution or foundation that conforms to the ethical standards of Halton DSB, Halton CDSB and the Ministry of Education

    • promote tutoring, mentoring, visiting or coaching

    • support ethical work of a global nature

    • promote positive environmental awareness

    • support clubs, religious organisations, arts or cultural associations or political organisations that seek to make a positive and ethical contribution in the community

    Specific areas of involvement may include:

    • Fundraising

    • Youth Programs

    • Committee Work

    • Religious Activities

    • School Community Service

    • Community Events and Projects

    • Environmental Projects

    • Volunteer Work with Seniors

    • Work with Animals

    • Arts and Culture

    • Office and Clerical Work

    • Activities for Individuals

    Ineligible Community Involvement Activities, based on Ministry of Education and School Board policy include:

    • course requirement

    • activities during school hours (except lunch break or spare periods)

    • logging or mining environment (if student is under 16)

    • factory work (if student is under 15)

    • workplaces other than a factory (if the student is under 14 and is not accompanied by an adult)

    • duties that would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace

    • operation of a vehicle, power tools or scaffolding (eg: snow blower, power mower, hedge trimmers etc)

    • the administration of any type or form of medication or medical procedure to other persons

    • handling of substances classed as 'designated substances' under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (eg: asbestos, lead, dangerous chemicals, toxic materials etc)

    • regulated trades work

    • banking, the handling of securities, jewellery, works of art, antiques or other valuables

    • duties normally performed in the home or personal recreational activities

    • court-ordered activities

    • activities that provide direct financial benefit or gain to the students or to the student's immediate family

    • work with any organisation which does not comply with the ethical standards, policies procedures or regulations of the Ministry of Education, Halton DSB and the Halton CDSB

    • simple membership in a school or community club

    • activities that are part of a Community Service Day during regularly scheduled class time (eg: Terry Fox Walk)