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Grade 8 Information

Hayden Information and Resources

Hayden hosts our annual Grade 8 Information evening on Thursday, November 14, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Grade 8 students and their families can explore Hayden's incredible community campus and learning environment.  Our 'Hayden 1O1' sessions, will be led by our Support Services team and will provide information about the transition to high school, Grade 9 courses, co-curriculars, and what makes Hayden so special.  To view the Hayden 1O1 presentation click the link below and stay connected by following us on twitter @haydenhuskies.

For more information on Grade 9 and life at Hayden:  Hayden 1O1 presentation 

  • Grade 8 Student Guide: This guide is distributed to students at our elementary feeder schools in December and highlights our Grade 9 courses and Hayden co-curriculars.  Click on the image below to view.

Guide to Secondary School:  For additional information about Secondary Schools in Halton,  including Graduation Requirements, Special Education, Policies and Procedures, and Regional Programs 

For our Google Maps tour of Hayden: Hayden Google Map and Photo Gallery

Grade 9 Course Selection Timeline

January 6-17, 2020: Course Selection is open to Hayden-bound Grade 8 students via
    • Grade 8 teachers distribute course selection worksheets to students to be returned/used to input selections via myBlueprint.
    • Click on the Course Selection tab under Support Services for more information on our course offerings.
    • Grade 8 teachers support the course selection process with their classes using

January 17, 2020: Grade 9 Course selection deadline
    • All course selections must be completed in myBlueprint.

      Hayden's HEADS UP to Grade 9 
        August 27 - 29, 2019
        This 3 day learning opportunity is a great way to get familiar with the            Hayden campus and life as a part of #huskynation.
        Students will reinforce numeracy and literacy skills while making new            friends in the last week of August.
        Full details are included on the application form which we be available            in May.