Guidance and Support Staff

Guidance and Support Staff

The Support Services Team works collaboratively to support all Hayden students and their individual pathway at secondary school.

Hayden's Support Services Team includes:

Guidance Counsellors

Tracey Forde

Mike Butt

Jenn Hernandez

Adam Richards

Guidance Admin Assistant

Sue Graham

Special Education

Tara McMinn

Jenn Hernandez

Hiraldeepkaur Saini

Danielle Kennedy

Mitch Kleer

Mark Mamo

Kelly Trdin

Kathryn Wheeldon

Social Worker

Jen Bouskill

Student Success Lead

Danielle Kennedy

Co-operative Education

Zach Hogan

Linda Thompson

Youth Settlement Worker

Uzma Kazi


Nick Varricchio (P)

Kate Diell (VP)

Susan Gabriele (VP)

Zeffie Nicholas (VP)