Summer School & Night School

Summer School Information

Registration forms and course information are posted here.

Summer School course offerings include primarily compulsory courses for Grades 9 through 12.

Students may register for either one Full credit course (four weeks) or up to two Credit Recovery/Half Credit courses (two weeks).

Course Options

Full Credit – Full credit courses consist of 110 hours of instruction. Students can register for a new credit. If a student has passed a credit course but wishes to upgrade their mark, the student is required to retake the 110 hour course.

Credit Recovery - Credit recovery courses offered in summer school consist of 55 hours of instruction and are designed for students who have been unsuccessful in achieving the expectations of a course and have been awarded a failing grade (within the last two years). Students may register in one or two courses in the summer and must be recommended by the home school Credit Recovery Team to participate in this program . As well, although there is no minimum percentage mark requirement in the original course for eligibility for credit recovery, it is recommended that students have obtained a minimum standing of 40% in the original course to participate in the summer school credit recovery program. Please note, if a student has passed a credit course and wishes to upgrade his or her mark, the student is required to retake the 4 week Full Credit Course.

Half Credit – Half credit courses consist of 55 hours of instruction. (GLC2O and CHV2O)

Literacy/Numeracy Remediation – Literacy and Numeracy Remediation is a non-credit course and is open to Halton District School Board students only. This program is designed and developed to improve skill development in the areas of numeracy or literacy.

Online Courses - If you have any questions about ONLINE Summer School, you can refer to the link.

Halton Catholic District School Board also offers Summer School.

Full course listings, a registration form and information can be found at the following link:

Halton Catholic District School Board Summer School

Night School

Night School is offered each semester at multiple school sites in each community in Halton by Gary Allan High School.

Please visit and/or speak with a Hayden Guidance counsellor for more information and to assist with night school registration.

Link to Gary Allan High School website