Hayden participates in Secondary Online Absence Reporting System

Hayden Secondary participates in the SchoolMessenger Automated Student Attendance Reporting system for parents and students. This system allows parents to report absences 24/7 using either the phone number or by logging into SchoolMessenger online. Recording future absences for dental or doctor's appointments is super-easy!

Please call the following number to report your teen's late arrival or absence from school:


Or you may login to the SchoolMessenger. You can also find the link for this portal on our home page.

All families must register for SchoolMessenger to report student absences online and set communication preferences for receiving messages from your child's school and the HDSB.

The SchoolMessenger system is accessible 24 hours, seven days a week to report future absences and late arrivals.

Choose how you want to receive messages from your child's school and the HDSB:

  • Email

  • HDSB Mobile App

  • Text Message

  • Phone

Any questions about this attendance process, please contact the main office.

Extended Absences

To maximize student achievement, the loss of learning time during the academic year as a result of vacations or other discretionary reasons should be avoided. With this in mind, parents and students should carefully note the following when considering planned, discretionary absences:

  • Parents/students should discuss the planned absence with the appropriate administrator and teachers.

  • Students are responsible for any work missed during the planned absence.

  • Where possible, students should submit work they will miss prior to the planned absence. Access to the internet (i.e. Google Classroom) may make it possible to stay on top of course work and evaluations.

  • Students are expected to write their final examinations during the scheduled Final Evaluation blocks.

  • Achievement data reveals that students who do not complete and submit ALL their work for feedback (assessment) and grading (evaluation) are likely to have lower final grades, and in some cases put their credit in jeopardy.

  • Some courses may have unique requirements (e.g., courses with labs, technological subjects, courses with a significant performance component such as Physical Education or Drama). Accordingly, it may be difficult to make up all work missed.

Please see the attached form here for the process to report a student's extended absence.

If you have any questions, please contact the main office.