Course Selection

Guidance FAQs

For more information on course change requests and booking meeting with Guidance counsellors please click on this link.

Course Selection Resources: 

Grade 9 Course Selection Worksheet 2023/2024 

Grade 10 Course Selection Worksheet 2023/2024

Grade 11 Course Selection Worksheet 2023/2024

Grade 12 Course Selection Worksheet 2023/2024

Requesting a course change for NEXT YEAR?

Please contact the Guidance Office  at  or (905) 332-5235 if you have any questions.

Requesting to withdraw from a current course?

Interested in ONLINE learning? 

For more information on HDSB online (eLearning) course offerings please visit the HDSB elearning webpage.  All HDSB eLearning courses are also listed on 

Notes for Current Grade 12 Students: