For Course Outline for the Science Department please click on the links below.

SBI3C Grade 11 Biology, College

SBI3U Grade 11 Biology, University

SBI4U Grade 12 Biology, University

SCH3U Grade 11 Chemistry, University

SCH4C Grade 12 Chemistry, College

SCH4U Grade 12 Chemistry, University

SES4U Grade 12 Earth and Space Science, University

SNC1D Grade 9 Academic Science

SNC1P Grade 9 Applied Science

SNC2D Grade 10 Academic Science

SNC2P Grade 10 Applied Science

SNC4M Grade 12 Science University/College

SPH3U Grade 11 Physics, University

SPH4C Grade 12 Physics, College

SPH4U Grade 12 Physics, University

SVN3M Grade 11 Environmental Science, University/College