Learning Resources for Families
The HDSB is providing literacy and mathematics resources for families to support student achievement and enhance learning at home and school.

Literacy and Mathematics Resources

Online COVID-19 School Screening Tool
Students and staff must complete the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool prior to attending school each day.

Complete School Screening Tool

Mental Health &
Well-Being Resources

Mental health and well-being support and resources are available for students and parents/guardians.

Mental Health & Well-Being Resources

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Lockers will be available on Monday, Sept. 26. Please use this url to login to our new Locker Assignment system. Your User ID is your Halton student number, a 9 digit number that starts with "00", i.e.: "003555555". You can find this number on your student ID card.

Your Password is your initials (first and last name - preferred name NOT legal) plus your Halton student number from above, i.e. if your name is Frank Hayden, your password is "FH003555555". Your two initials will be uppercase, as the system is case sensitive.

Once you have logged in successfully, we recommend you change your password to something only you would know and remember. Please do not share your login information, combination to your locker with anyone.

This Locker Assignment System allows you to choose the locker number and location you want and is convenient to you. Once you have ‘rented’ your locker, the system will provide you with the terms of the agreement and combination to the lock already on the locker. If you forget the locker combination, simply log back into the account and all the information will be there for your reference. You will also get a notice when the locker rental is about to expire at the end of the year so that you can empty your locker before the expiry date.

Please note that Grade 9 students and LINK Crew leaders already have their lockers assigned to them.

Thank you for using Dr. Frank J. Hayden's online Locker Assignment system.

Welcome to Hayden's Class of 2026!

For Grade 8 Information click here or go to our Guidance Tab

Our school is a trial school for the HDSB's Free Menstrual Products initiative!

Students can now access menstrual products at no cost in our washrooms. The Free Menstrual Products initiative is an attempt to address some of the gaps in access to menstrual products to promote awareness and alleviate the stigma of menstruation. Dispensing machines have been installed in one multi-stalled washroom on each floor of the school.

The HDSB is gathering student feedback before this initiative is expanded to other schools. Students are invited to complete a short survey between now and the end of December 2020 to share what they think about the Free Menstrual Products initiative: http://bit.ly/FeedbackPeriod.

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