This Locker Assignment System allows you to choose the locker number and location you want and is convenient to you.  Please use this url to login to our new Locker Assignment system.  

Your User ID is your Halton student number, a 9 digit number that starts with "00", i.e.: "003555555".  You can find this number on your student ID card.  

Your Password is your initials (first and last name - preferred name NOT legal) plus your Halton student number from above, i.e. if your name is Frank Hayden, your password is "FH003555555".  Your two initials will be uppercase, as the system is case sensitive. 

Once you have logged in successfully, we recommend you change your password to something only you would know and remember.  Please do not share your login information, combination to your locker with anyone.

Lock Instructions:

Turn knob RIGHT two turns and stop at first number

Turn knob LEFT past first number and stop at second number

Turn knob RIGHT and stop at third number


CAUTION: Spin dial after closing locker to LOCK it.