Late Work and Academic Honesty 

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Meeting Timelines & Academic Honesty

Our Goals

What are your responsibilities?

How will students be supported?

Your teachers...

What Happens If You Miss a Deadline?

If you miss a deadline, your teachers will follow these steps to support you getting your work done:

 Completing your work and meeting deadlines matters.

Your teachers might use some of the following additional strategies to help you get your work done if they think they might help you to be more successful:

How Will We Ensure Academic Honesty?

What Happens If A Teacher Believes You Have Plagiarized or Cheated?

If your teacher believes you have plagiarized or cheated your teacher will:

Cheating and plagiarism are serious issues.

Consequences that may be applied to encourage the honest completion of work:

Final 30% Evaluations Are Important

As with any learning, if you do not attend or complete part of your Final 30% evaluation, or it is determined that you have plagiarized or cheated on a part of the Final 30% evaluation, then the consequence will take into account your grade and pathway, your maturity, the number and frequency of previous incidents; and your individual circumstances. 

The consequences may include but are not limited to:

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