Arts and Clubs

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We are proud to offer a number of diverse offerings for those interested in the Arts at Hayden! Students interested in the Arts have a number of ways they can get involved. Here are a listing of the current and future offerings from Hayden Arts:

MAD Army (aka. Arts Council)

The Hayden Arts Council is a student-led organization of students from all grades who help to plan, organize, promote and fund raise for all arts (art, drama, music, photography, etc) activities at Hayden High. In addition the Arts Council plans social events for all Hayden Arts students - from Arts trips to Toronto, to Arts Week activities as well as coffee house and battle of the bands.

New members are always welcome.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at 8am.

Hayden's Musical

MUSIC Co curriculars

Hayden Concert Band

Hayden Senior Wind Ensemble

Rehearsal: Tuesday and Friday morning before school at 7:45 am - 8:30 pm.

Sign up sheets will be on the music windows during the first week of school. It is strongly recommended that those students taking music courses sign up. If you are not taking a music course this year you MAY join. In fact, we encourage you to!Participant will perform at the regional and National Musicfest, two school concerts and during Artsweek!

Hayden Jazz Band

Rehearsal: Thursday after school 3:00- 4:30 pm

Sign up sheets will be on the music windows during the first week of school. Bring in a piece of music you have already played. You will sight read a few bars and will be asked if you improvise.

Auditions required due to the few chairs available in a jazz band. (2 altos, 2 tenors, 1 bari sax, 4 trombone, 5 trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, drums)

Hayden Harmonics

(All student, Grades 9- 11) Rehearsals (Tuesday after school) Singers will perform at two school concerts, the regional Vocal fest competition and during Artsweek

Hayden Small Ensembles

(All students, Grade 9- 11) Rehearsals: Whenever you make them!

Many times musicians just gotta perform. Gather a group of friends together to create a flute choir, Dixieland Band, Guitar group, Coffee house groups.

Ask your friendly music teacher to help you find music and a place to perform.

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Twitter - @HaydenDrama

Production Crew

The Hayden Production Crew is a student-led organization that is responsible for the running of all activities (assemblies, guest speakers, and other special events) in the Hayden theatre. Each Production Crew member begins as an apprentice technician and is given a passport in which they work towards learning/completing a list of tasks in order to become full wrench-holders (student technicians) of the Hayden Production Crew. Last year we had an amazing group of students who graduated from Apprentice Technicians to full Student Technicians. These Student Technicians will now be responsible for training & testing new members.

The Production Crew meetings are Friday at lunch in the theatre.

New members always welcome.

National Theatre School Drama Festival

The National Theatre School Drama Festival (formerly Sears Drama Festival) is a dramatic competition that takes place every year across Ontario. For the 2015 Festival we entered 2 shows - The Ever After and The Worst. In only our second year we were given an Outstanding Production Award for The Worst having us move on to the Regional Festival in Barrie in April! In addition, for the past two years our Stage Managers have been awarded the Halton Festival Stage Management Award. An amazing accomplishment for our Hayden Theatre Guild company. Auditions for the Sears Drama Festival generally take place in early September. Sign-up sheets for audition times and technical production positions (lights, sound, props crew, costume crew) will be posted outside the theatre early in September. Performances for our production take place in late February here at Hayden in preparation for the Halton Festival which usually takes place the first week of March.

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"En Masse" Mural in Norton Park

Showcased in Spring 2017, Hayden students collaborated with mural artists from Montreal to create a new mural in Norton Park, near the existing "PA System" mural, created in 2014.

Hayden Design Group

Hayden Design Group is a student led graphic design and t-shirt print shop in our school! We will be creating designs to sell at school, as well as making shirts for other teams and clubs at Hayden. We are always looking for designers, printers, production managers and marketing managers.

Hayden Co-Curriculars

Click on the link to see all the co-curriculars offered at Hayden.